Come on Baby, Light Your Fire

June 9, 2017
18 Sagittarius 53’

I keep the freedom that has been won for me. The liberation of the body is retained in the mind. If I know I am free, I cannot be confined. I let my mind be free (Sun in Gemini), knowing that the rest will follow (Moon in Sagittarius).

I do not try to keep informed. I realize that It is not possible to get liberating truth from external sources. Some are better listened to than others, but no one can give me the reassuring and lasting truth of inner knowing.

Of course, I am interested. This is my country. I love it. This is my world. I love it. I cherish peace and freedom. I cherish my brothers and sisters all over the world—those I understand and those who perplex and vex me.  I keep my eyes and my ears to that, which keeps me whole. I focus on being inner formed, so that when I look upon what is formed, I can call it good. I can see the good in that which does not seem to be good now. This is how I coax good forward.

I am a radiant being with a happy life. I look forward with optimism and confidence. I expect the best which makes me feel good now. Expecting the best keeps my mind clear so that I can plan and move and have my being. I sow good will and it tends to follow me. I recognize that all that I witness comes from me. It is as I call it or name it. I am free to call it, name it, and live it according to my will. I have no will, but the One will. I allow myself to be enlivened by this will and this light. I look about me and I proclaim that it is good.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign. The Moon reflects the Sun, full and white and bright. I get to look upon the light of the Sun in the mirror of the Moon. Wallace Wattles said that the poor do not need a handout. They need inspiration. Inspiration is fire. The poor are those who are poor in spirit. Those whose minds are in despair and whose eyes are cast down are the poor. Come on baby, light your fire. The eternal flame enlivens your being. Stoke it.

I believe that the current strife of our nation is a “liberating strife.” The term is from the song, America the Beautiful. I don’t go along with the notion that this is a divided country. There is division, yes, but I don’t believe that the soul of this nation is divided. I remember that our good has been “crowned with brotherhood,” which includes, of course, the sisters. It certainly makes me more focused than ever on the “common good” and the “general welfare.” It makes me want to be more careful with my voice because it is my vote for life in these United States and in the world. The strife is liberating my desire to wield the power that the freedom of circumstances has reinforced in my mind.

I intend to tend the flame. There are still spacious skies, majestic purple mountains and amber waves of grain.

Moon in Sagittarius wants to pierce the veil of outer appearances. Light a candle. Listen to music. Laugh. Light some incense. Bring in some flowers. Pay attention to that which is uplifting and inspirational. Watch your thoughts. Speak for what you want. Expect the best.


Artwork: Come Hell or High Water, Gouche, 17" x 21"

2 Responses to “Come on Baby, Light Your Fire”

  1. Carol Foy says:

    Like music to my ears!
    Thank you for showing me the light.

  2. Inez says:

    You make my heart sing!