Not Victim — Victor

delete laura james artworkNew Moon
May 25, 2017
4 Gemini 47’

What’s your story, morning glory? Gemini in your chart is an indicator of your story—the way you explain yourself. It is likely to contain some elements of blame when you come to the frustrating parts. What you think about you bring about. Mercury rules Gemini. Wherever Gemini and Mercury are, is the cradle of your story.

I have Gemini on the 12th house. My story is about the suppression of my voice. I was driven to write when I was stopped from speaking. My dear mother was blamed as the source. I have re-enacted this story numerous times, in school, on the job, as an activist. I want to speak, but have no platform. I want to speak, but there could have repercussions. The Sun had just entered Gemini when I named this as my story. Gemini is the storyteller, the commentator, and the narrator. Gemini loves to opine. Thing is, telling the old story about my place and my plight repeats it. I want to keep from recreating the past, and lamenting about how life is. I want to seize the moment and tell the best new story I can tell today that I might tell an even better one tomorrow.

Telling a better story is the opportunity presented by the New Moon at 4 Gemini. Which of the 12 areas of life that we call houses sums up your story? If you see signs of being a victim, consider creating your story forward from now on. Creating your story forward requires the use of a different mental muscle than the one used to tell the story that has always been.

When you blame, you name yourself a victim. To cease blaming is to claim victory. The victim’s and blamer’s eyes are powerless. These are not the eyes to peer through if you expect a victorious life.

We are learning to turn our thoughts to things and we know that negative thoughts yield negative results. Sometimes we just get caught up in a blaming spin when we find ourselves living lives of frustration and want. How are we going to create good when we are dwelling on and feeling debilitated by the bad?

A better story for me is that I learn the hidden aspects of my story (12th house) and elaborate them to help others identify and overcome the self-sabotaging in their own story.

With this New Moon in Gemini engaging Pluto in Capricorn, we are in me against the world mode; me against my frustrations and blocks that I blame on outside forces. Are we going to exercise dominion over our creations or be dominated, unfulfilled and unexpressed? Are we going to get caught up in stories that present us as the hapless victims or invite us to cut with anger and struggle with binds that we cannot break because we make them and wrap ourselves in them? Are we going to say, “Let my people go,” or “People, let’s go!” Are we going to argue for our limitations and writhe in the painful deal we have been dealt, or are we going to use our powers of thought and speech to invoke the release of all things that used to hold us down?


The mind is the filmmaker. Know that your words have power. Notice your words. Watch your words. Craft your words. Say what you want. Air is invisible and transparent and allows your thoughts to go where you direct them. This is an opportune time for us to become familiar with the magic and power of our thoughts. Gemini is about vibration, disposition and mood. Watch your mood. If you are feeling overly pessimistic, take a break or take a nap. Discontinue the lines along which you are thinking. Think about how you want the story to turn out and get a sublime, expectant image of that. Tell the story of victory.

Artwork: Devi Saraswati by Laura James


One Response to “Not Victim — Victor”

  1. Inez says:

    I am thankful for the divine selection of the artwork by Deborah. It’s perfect for a Gemini New Moon as Devi Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning and is the Divine Mother of Spiritual Wisdom and Material knowledge.

    Thank you Laura James for this radiant rendering.