The Sun Does Not Rise

Full MoonLaura James
March 12, 2017
22 Virgo 12’

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” The health of the body is connected to the health of the mind. The mind should not try to analyze and explain crazy. Do us all a favor. Don’t do crazy. Don’t try to talk to crazy or fix crazy. It will make you crazy.

Worry is detrimental to your health. Worry is the mind on doubt and fear and falling apart. Doubt is literally you talking to yourself in obstructionist fashion. (Moon in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius). You can’t. You’ll never. They won’t let you. They won’t do right by you. They lie to you and steal from you. They take your parents away. They are destroying the planet.

The Sun in Pisces, emotional well-being, balances or contrasts the mental-physical well-being of the Moon in Virgo. The North Node is in Virgo. You are asked to be a life practitioner. Be careful with your mind. Do not l not think sloppily. Do not speak vainly and without deliberation.Do not speak your fear or predict the inevitability of what you don’t want. Do not allow your mind to be compromised. You will not be driven crazy. You do not put food into your mouth that smells bad and you will not put thoughts that feel bad into your head. Give yourself the good stuff. Don’t fill up on the empty carbs and indigestion of news-craft, tweets and despairing remarks.

Pisces in the natural chart, even though it is the last sign, actually corresponds to the hours between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m., the period of early morning. Actually, the Sun does not rise. What really happens is that the earth turns toward the Sun. When you rise each day, you are doing a salutation of the Sun after a night of resting your mind in the all-knowing from whence it came.

Do you want a world where you don’t worry about the 45th? Turn the stuff of your angst toward the Sun. Allow the Sun to shine on the matter. Don’t be preoccupied with the darkness when your world can count on the Sun making an appearance. Look to the Sun. Follow the light.

The key words for Pisces are “I believe.” What do you choose to believe? What will you have faith in? What you give your attention to multiplies. How’s that working out with regard to the 45th? Do you have to focus on him and what he does or does not do? Do you react to him, over and over and in fury and despair? Do you have faith in the bad of him? Are you letting him take you down psychologically? Are you letting him mess with your mind? He doesn’t know you. He doesn’t know me. Why should we let him make us suffer?


Merriam Webster defines suffer as “to become worse because of being badly affected by something.” We will not behave like a defeated people. We must rise, elevate and cultivate the beat of a heart that does not weary. If you are tired and scared, get mad as hell at yourself clinging to your mattress. Get up from your bed and walk!  Pisces rules the feet. Press on. Get your poetry in motion. Drink water and tell yourself that it is for the purpose of cleansing your emotions. Pisces is the last sign and it is always for the first sign, the fiery “I am,” Aries. Emotional resilience now backs up our forward motion in the spring!

Artwork Above: Nuit by Laura James
Laura James has been working as a professional artist and illustrator for over twenty years. In addition to painting sacred images from various religions, she portrays women, families, and scenes of everyday life; blending intricate patterns, text, vibrant colors and sometimes surreal imagery into what she calls “art for the people.”

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