Delicious and Fruitful Victory

buried treasurejpgNew Moon
Solar Eclipse
February 26, 2017
8 Pisces 12’

I used to let my feelings run their course. I would be sad until I was not sad, fearful until I was not fearful, happy until I was no longer happy; worried, until the next worry.  And there was always a next worry.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces indicates that feeling is a vibratory activity that lets us know how we are doing and whether we are closer to alignment and pointed confidently toward what we desire.  And feelings lets us know when we are out of alignment and inattentive to our desires.

When my vibrations, my feelings, are good, I am aligned, and when they are not good, when they are bad, I know I am not aligned with Source, from whence all blessings flow.

Now I know that I want what I want because I believe it will make me happy. However, happiness is transitory when the cause of it is external. One can be a Michael Jackson, beloved by many and rich, and yet, be maligned and vulnerable. When the world gives, the world can take away.

I must find and maintain happiness, joy for life, and anticipation of the day, no matter what might temporarily present itself. By maintaining my own happiness and well-being, I am less subject to externals. Neither my joy nor my sorrow comes from the external. This keeps my vibratory waves more even. This gives me access to solutions when problems come, and they must, because problems are part of the cross of relatedness and relationship. “Problems are opportunities in work clothes.”

One might ask if looking out for number 1, so to speak, is selfish and frivolous given the 18-alarm fires that rage. My position is that if I can’t effect the better in my own life, how am I going to bring it about in the life of another, or the country or the planet?  Don’t I still have my life to lead?

The Aries dominance in this chart falls in the second house of self-worth, reflected by money matters. Even if the idea of being an entrepreneur usually seems like more than you can handle, you may suddenly get an idea to advance your finances. Instead of examining or evaluating the idea to death, play around with it. Write it down, make a collage or sketch symbolizing your idea. Or just do it–even a little bit. Your house needs painting? Paint a windowsil. You may suddenly realize that even though you were born into the land of the free, you live life like a prisoner. Change your routine or treat yourself to some fun.


What if problems with others could only be solved by you acting upon you? What if you had a moratorium on the feeling that your current happiness or success or satisfaction was dependent on what someone else did or stopped doing? How would you construct your thoughts? You are not thinking about what they should do. You are the only actor that you can control. You are the only actor that matters. Before you can act, inspired and effective, you have to believe what you are about to do. Pisces before Aries. Belief before action.

My favorite story as an example of this happened many years ago. I remember it because it was a breakthrough. I had taken a lovely long walk to buy some fruit. When I got home, I realized that I had been shortchanged $5, and $5 was dear to me at that time. I decided that I had to make the long walk back and ask for that money. I counseled myself that all I could do was ask. The shopkeeper would either give me the $5 or not. That was in his power. I would not be angry. I would not accuse him of deliberately ripping me off. I would state the facts calmly and expect the return.

When I got to the fruit stand the person who waited on me was not even there. I stated my case to the man who was now in charge. I just evenly (Libra) told him what happened. With no hesitation the man told me that I had an honest face and put $5 in my hand. That was a delicious and fruitful victory..

6 Responses to “Delicious and Fruitful Victory”

  1. Charlene says:

    Thank you, Inez. You reminded me of a tool that someone gave me years ago. They asked me, “How much time will you need to give yourself to feel this way?” It was a completely new concept for me. I had no idea I could decide to give myself time to feel bad, good, sad, lonely etc. and then move on to some other feeling. I usually need a week. And FYI, my week was up yesterday.

  2. Kinga Bright says:

    Happy birthday, Inez! May  life bring you many blessings this year!


    Kinga Bright

  3. Kinga Bright says:

    May life bring you many blessings this year, Inez!

    Kinga Bright

  4. Deborah says:

    Thank you for your feedback, Charlene. I use to think whatever I felt was "true" and that considering what happened, what else would I or anyone feel? Now I'm learning to mine the feeling for information about me–about my beliefs, my fears, or my faith. And move from there.

  5. Inez says:

    Thank you for your feedback, Charlene. I am glad your week was up the day before you commented. That must have been excellent confirmation.

    At some point you might try letting the bad feeling go even sooner, like when it first creeps up or flares up.

  6. Inez says:

    Deborah. Yes! Good feedback. "Considering what happened, what else would I or anyone feel?" But while the reaction may be "true" it doesn't mean it is a good thing to flow through your bloodstream!