I am the 100th Monkey

Full Moon
January 12, 2017
22 Cancer 27’

The Eyes Have ItI believe in well-being. I believe in being well. I believe in the water and the blood
and all things holy and good. I believe in love. I believe in miracles. I believe in
divine order. I believe that this is a great time to be alive. I see what you
see, but I see it differently.

I see that the reason we have religion or words to point the way is that there is a Voice in an eternal fire, a flame that shall never, ever go out (Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius.) I see that I am charged with tending this flame in my life and circumstance and I must allow nothing to snuff it out. I live in the world, but I am not of the world. I have made my way out of the confines of the city-state. I have crossed the river. My soul looks back in wonder and appreciation of the victory.

I stand guard at the doorway of my mind. What is really going on? What is my story?

I choose to stop arguing for my limitations. Will Social Security be cut? Then I shall regard it as opportunity for growth (Jupiter is Libra). I am not waiting to decide what my story is. I don’t wait, I write it forward. I appreciate that I have Social Security today and that some persons lobbied for its existence. Through these—my wild days, my mad existence—the promise that created Social Security promises me that my security rests in the constant renewal of my own mind.

The social security I need right now is to be secure while the boogie men threaten society and decency. My security rests in feeling my well-being without the necessity of anyone’s agreement or like-mindedness. There is not a single person on this earth, no matter how much I love them, who can give me that which I must give myself—stability and peace of mind as the tempest tosses.

The same is true of you.

I believe that this time calls for us to save our ability to envision the world. I believe that we shall see the salvation we seek, but not because the world has changed, but because we have changed our individual points of view, and as we get it in focus, we shall find each other thereby cooperate and co-create. I know that I am not alone and that you are there.

I believe in non-resistance which means not wrestling with the devil. I believe in the All within all. I shall not fight myself. The devil is a false construct of fears, foibles and fables.

There’s a choice we’re making. We’re saving our own eyes. We want to maintain the capacity to see our own strength and be convinced of our own power and freedom. We’re saving our own lives. Nasty bitter and doubt are poison to our bodies and anathema to creative power.

It matters not what Peter, Paul or Mary are doing, or what the Clueless Clucking Clan are planning. It matters only that I am healthy and whole and unconditionally happy. My outlook is not based on the conditions of the world (Sun in Capricorn). In order to experience an uninterrupted stream of happiness (Moon in Cancer) my way must not be blocked by imagined or suggested obstruction.

I firmly believe that these times are designed for our individual and collective spiritual growth. It is for each of us to touch our Sun and feel our power, integrity and eternity. This prize requires no agreement whatsoever. I am the 100th monkey.* What I do alone is what matters. And before the doing is the feeling. Therefore I tend to my feeling.

I feel good. I feel appreciation for the abundance of love and all things needful.
The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.


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    Hi Inez, I am a former client of Deborah and am interested in getting my chart read. I am hoping a sliding scale fee can arranged. Thank you, Chad