Let a New Earth Rise

dancing-with-bones-new-moonNew Moon
December 28, 2016
7 Capricorn 59’

I experience much of what is said about the world these days through media, Facebook and conversation as cacophonous and somewhat disturbing. I feel accosted by people who want to set my anger thermometer or demand that I eat a certain way and bypass my own appetites and desires. If I don’t know what I want, how will I function? How will I make my life strike a joyous note?

“I can’t do what 10 people tell me to do.” – Otis Redding.

How many people can any of us obey? Not even one other. Yet we try to control each other. And we can’t. Nobody is having it.

At the New Moon, Sun and Moon meet, kiss and say goodbye as the Moon departs for her walk around the wheel alone, sealed by her kiss with the Sun. The Sun rules Leo. When we check in at new and full Moons, we are checking on the Moon in relation to the Sun. Feelings, emotions and experience in relationship to Heart and Source. The Sun rules Leo and Leo rules the sense of taste. Taste is personal. “Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” –Mary Oliver

We may wag our tongues at each other, but we cannot make another conform and we cannot taste another’s food for them.  Since Leo rules taste, Leo rules the tongue. The tongue is the articulator in speech, creativity, and culture and is the instrument of savor.

The Sun, ruler of Leo is in the sign of Capricorn, a cardinal, principle, earthy sign. When Capricorn rises, Leo is on the eighth house cusp. The eighth house is the house of the crisis and crisis is often the precursor to transcendence. In Capricorn, we have the symbolic “dying of the light.” But the Sun is the perpetual light. It is on the eighth house of overcoming death, overcoming the worst days or periods of your life.  No one can experience our crisis and transcendence for us.  The Sun in Capricorn is giving us an opportunity to make the best (Leo) out of the worst of times. This implies being willing to create from our hearts’ desire during times of darkness that threaten to psychologically finish us.

The times, they are changing. 2016 was a nine year. Nine means completion or finish or end. The 45th President was elected (or not). 45 equals nine also. Carrie Fisher died, invoking her iconic Princess Leia. “Help me Obi wan Kenobi. You are my only hope.” Perhaps we might each call upon our own inner sage to help us make it through these apparently dark times.  That could be symbolized by the North Node at four degrees of Virgo, also in the house of crisis and transcendence. Virgo is depicted in the Tarot as an old man wearing a hooded cape, suggesting that Obi wan represented this figure. The Hermit bears aloft the 6-pointed Star of David. David means beloved in Hebrew. Perhaps love is our light sabre.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, also represented at times by the old man known as Father Time. Saturn is associated with Dominion and Slavery. Dominion means mastery, sovereignty, control, authority and command.  A slave is a person who has lost self-control and is controlled by something or someone else.

Let us renew and invoke our personal dominion. Saturn is well-aspected to help us with this. Capricorn is associated with the Renewing Intelligence. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Think a different thought than the ones that got you results (Capricorn) that you did not like.” Your new thought begins a new world.

2017 adds to ten. Ten is new beginnings (zero represents a new fresh late and one represents beginning.. The conclusion of the day has been reached, the Sun sets in the west and will rise again in the east.

“Let a new earth rise. Let another world be born . . . Let a people loving freedom come to growth. Let a beauty full of healing and a strength of final clenching be the pulsing in our spirits and or blood.”  —Margaret Walker


Notice when your tongue wags in negative passion against any one or any situation. Consider that as the point where you are losing power. Play with the idea that the person or situation is symbolic of your own inverted power. Imagine what you would do or say if your attention was focused within.

Artwork: Dancing with the Bones (Deborah Singletary)


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