Fear Foils Movement

beneath-and-beyond-the-ordinary-daylight-worldNew Moon
November 29, 2016
7 Sagittarius 43’

40 years ago: I am sitting on a bench in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, an oasis for concrete and asphalt living, journal in lap and myself in the lap of green and sun and the natural quieting park space. I do not hear the barking dogs right away. I see a little boy of about seven or eight, obviously frightened of the dogs, trying to get on his bike and out of danger. The dogs have created such a quaking panic in the boy, he can not put his foot square on the pedal. His foot slips forward and backward and sideways.

The barking getslouder and then two medium sized dogs appear attached to their owner by leashes—noisy, but not threatening. Once they are past the boy, he is calm enough to put his feet on the pedals and ride away.

I am witnessing the inefficiency of the body when panicked. The boy wants more than anything, to get out of the way of perceived danger, but his feet are not connecting to his brain, so that this thing that he could do, ride his bike, he is unable to do now.

Fear foils movement.

This story is a perfect illustration for the New Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune and South Node in Pisces. You have faith and belief of the mind, Sagittarius reconciling with emotional embodiment, Pisces. Sagittarius rules mind and Pisces rules feet as that which we stand and balance upon. Pisces also rules the corporeal or bodily intelligence. As Michael Beckwith said, “We don’t want to philosophize. We want to realize.” We want faith and confidence to register in our body so that we genuinely feel safe. Feeling safe, nothing can make us panic.

With this Sun and Moon squaring Neptune, we could feel anxiety, worry, fear or depression. Do not take these feelings too seriously.

Whether you need to get away or to grasp an opportunity, the very instincts you need will fail you if you are afraid. I have observed this in myself. When doubting my ability to move forward, step it up, or keep it up, the command of self is lost or inadequate.  If I need to make a call, write a letter, or fill out some paperwork, fear or doubt paralyzes. Fear is faith in that which is unwanted, not present and therefore not real. Constant attention to that which is feared could bring it about.

When life threatens to give me what I don’t want, I do not entertain it as an inevitability and argue that my hopelessness is justified. If it is not here, and I don’t want it, why testify of its certain arrival?  


If you feel fear, notice your thoughts. What are you thinking? How are your thoughts forming? Reach for a more empowering thought such as, I am good right now, no matter the diagnosis or dilemma. I am not going to let thoughts of tomorrow spoil today. Develop the habit of noticing your negative thoughts, including those of pain and blame. Spin those thoughts so that they are an imagination of what you want instead of what you don't want. Living in fear is not living in preparedness. If your thinking is all you’ve got, then think thoughts that inspire, empower, and motivate.

Your feelings follow your thoughts and if you feel weak, you will not be able to pedal, paddle, drive, or fly out of danger, and into the good life. Paradoxically, your own thoughts are the easiest place to start with change, and the hardest. Easy because your thoughts are at your command. No one can think your thoughts for you. Hard because we tend to repeat the same thoughts and be emotionally attached to some thoughts that don’t serve us.

Artwork: Beneath and Beyond the Ordinary Daylight World by Deborah Singletary

One Response to “Fear Foils Movement”

  1. Folasona says:

    the human mind is a powerful “what if…” generating machine, but what if we fuel it with hope rather than fear…