Triumphant and Eternal

embracing-changeFull Moon
November 14, 2016
22 Taurus 38’

Dream: I am in a lobby, observing these girls who look as if they are with their dad. They seem relaxed and receptive, trusting and safe. Soon they are joined by boys and young men, and I am given to understand that the men were teachers. They took notice of me watching them and one of the teachers nudged a boy to tell me who they were. “The universe is run by feelings,” he says. I put my left hand over my heart, tapping it, saying gratefully, “Be still, my heart,” and my eyes fill with tears. I am excited to know that children are being taught this! These teachers are emphasizing on feeling and not calculation.

When I wake up, I see the energy running between Scorpio and Taurus, the signs of the Sun and Moon at this Full Moon.

Even though the Sun and the Moon are in opposing signs, they are not at odds. They are united in purpose, even when we are conflicted and warring.  This is our grace if we will let it be. Differences are allowed and diversity is encouraged.

All conflict on the outer is a reflection of conflict on the inner. We are experiencing the results of the United States election individually and together. Where there is healing to be done, it has to first be done individually. We bring to the conversation whatever and wherever we are.

Paul Foster Case, expert in Tarot (a pictorial textbook of Ageless Wisdom) and Qaballah, says that the United States has 13 degrees of Scorpio rising on the 4th of July in 1776. He goes on to discuss 13 being equal to 4, and 4 being number of equality and the base of the pyramid.

In Hebrew, words of the same numeration have a relationship even if their meanings are divergent. So 13 means love and unity, one and solitary. It is the number of a word meaning to violate, which also means hate and “a female enemy.” 13 is anxiety or grief, and healing. The 13th Key of Tarot is called, “Death” depicted as “The grim reaper” and it is assigned to Scorpio.

Feeling can be called “the female enemy,” both because it cannot be rationalized and because it is a direct line to your personal guidance system, and no one can sham or shame you if you are attuned to your own guidance.

We can look to our roots for the healing we obviously need as a nation, whether the healing is healing from division, grief; loss or from chaos.  Perhaps if our nation has Scorpio rising combined with the Sun in Cancer, both feeling water signs, we can know that we can benefit and grow via feeling. Feeling is the route of compassion, empathy and understanding.  In the dream I tapped my heart and my eyes watered, and I felt something throughout my body.

Compassion and empathy can be a challenge in Scorpio, where we can feel repugnance and rejection. When we are angry and hurt, we sometimes refuse to heal. Stevie Wonder sings, “Turn your words into truth and then change that truth into love.”


The five senses have a role in feeling and Taurus rules the sense of hearing. We react according to the way the things that we hear make us feel. What we read, we also hear silently. You might want to be selective about what you listen to. Seek the voice of your Intuition, because the voice that you hear, has made selections for your ear. Try to listen for this instruction that only you can understand and gain peace from. In Tarot, we say that the Key that represents the Inner Voice is Triumphant and Eternal and Revealer of the Mysteries.

Care about how things seen or heard make you feel, whether you feel threatened or afraid, triumphant or peaceful. Use awareness of your feelings as opportunities for you to modify how you are receiving/feeling. If you are peaceful, note that. If you are raging, note that. Note that we don’t want to hang on to poisonous psychic pain.

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3 Responses to “Triumphant and Eternal”

  1. Niamo says:

    Aye carumba! Truer words never spoken –which is a lie–this post so much hits home Inez. My quivering heart. My unequivocal HetHeru dance across the chasm. I’m sure the degree of the sun is in my 9th natal house maybe the mid heaven progressed. I didn’t know Taureans heard/herd…what a rumbling. I think both of these placements square my sun in Leo and Aquarius ascendant. I’m in the stillness listening and watching. Three signs in the first house what else can I do? 8/3/53. I’ll need a session w/you!

  2. Inez says:

    Thank you Niamo. You can message me on Facebook for a session if you don’t have my email.

  3. Empress Tabia says:

    I sometimes keep your lunations open as one of the many windows in my browser until I feel I’ve digested the message. Today,I’ve come back for a reread, and I hear you loud and clear. Thank you for translating the cosmos for us in ways that we can further find overstanding.