Love is the Force that Gets Things Done

Full Moon
November 12, 2008
21 Taurus 14’

Recently, I spoke with a friend who is often down on herself. Among her imperfections she listed an inability to live up to being “green,” and that she was using white sugar instead of organic sugar. She feared that the coffee she drank had been harvested under poor working conditions.

“Have you heard that an inferiority complex is just a superiority complex turned in on itself?” I asked her. I shared with her that I learned that when I indulge in fears of a fatal flaw, that I am actually indulging a superiority complex, wanting to be better than my humanness. The flaw is unacceptable to the superior profile. It usually involves a preoccupation with what other people might see that I’d prefer to keep hidden, not just me evaluating myself for myself. The “other people” factor tells me that I want to look good in their eyes. I tell myself to stop, cease, and desist all negative thinking because such thinking negates my ability to be present in the world—whole and undivided. No entertaining negative thinking about myself at all. It’s okay to be imperfect. I am not better for putting myself down.

I shared with her an article by Eric Butterworth that defined being good as more than just not being bad. The good musician, he illustrated, is not one who just doesn’t play bad notes, but one who plays in a manner that lifts the listener. And he can’t become this kind of musician if he is confined and not free.

Trying to follow all the rules and not be bad creates a life of fits and starts. Trying not to be bad doesn’t allow you to break free and blossom beyond your fearful boundaries.

Both the Moon and Sun squares Neptune. Your job is to hold on to your vision, even though emotionally you want to collapse under the pressure of believing in what you regard as evidence to the contrary. Hold on without effort. Hold on by letting go and trusting. Believe before it happens so that it can happen. Believe that you have it because you do. If you believe that you don’t have it, it remains hidden. Believe that you are it, now. Don’t wait to believe tomorrow, if, the evidence comes. Believe today. The way to do better or be better is to make sure that you are practicing being the change you want in your life, not sweating your faults and failures. Successful people have failed more often because they practice more often.

By and for the People

The square of the Sun and Moon to Neptune also points to the idealism surrounding our new president. We must understand that he is a symbol and be careful to not decorate him with false fancies, because you love him, or because you don’t. Don’t expect Obama to fix it. This is a government of, by and for the people. Let us follow Gandhi and be the change we want to see. Self-government is the key. Self-government does not depend on who is in power. Hold yourself in check if you’re being ugly. Let yourself go if you are burning with the fire of love.

It’s good to be happy, full-hearted, dancing happy. That’s the gift of Neptune. And it’s okay to be happy if you’re not happy. That’s Neptune’s gift too. What the heck? This day and every day is yours to radiate, relish, rise and rest in, no matter what the picture seems to be. The picture always has the overlay of our consciousness. Your victory depends on positioning yourself as a transparent conduit for the creative light of love.

Love is the strongest force for getting things done on the earth, though we may have been persuaded otherwise. Tha love is weak is the lie to overcome.

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