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Beauty Before Duty

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

The success of the Make Money Manifest system of saving is that it begins with beauty. The beautiful money purse not only entices me to save, but it makes me happy and that happiness attracts even more abundance. Our Lunations writer, Inez Singletary, puts it beautifully in this excerpt from Making What Your Means Can't Buy

If you are paying attention to duty to the exclusion of beauty, your duty will grow while the beauty fades. What you love will be waiting in the wings, but never get called out on stage.  

 Remind yourself that beauty matters. You have to make time for doing what is fun and joyful. Make joy and fun priorities or else you are at risk for never achieving your fullest potential. “So what?” you might ask. The consequences of ignoring your passions will reap a life void of shine; you will not shine. You will not have energy. You will feel dull, as if you don’t have anything to contribute to the world.  

Despite what you might think, doing nothing or investing little of yourself into what generates your spark of life draws harder on your battery than living a life of joy. Eight hours at a lifeless job will send you home exhausted, but eight hours of doing something that thrills you or distributes love to those around you will fly by. The more you can freely radiate love, the more you will find you have to give and the more will return to you.  

Work is Love Made Tangible

We do not put the proper value on love or on engaging in what we love. When we identify something that we’d really like to do, we tend to tell ourselves, “But what I love won’t pay the rent.” So we go in search of the rent-paying option instead. We compromise immediately.

You might be thinking, “But don’t I have to compromise? Isn’t it necessary and practical?” You think duty comes first. Then, if there is time, you can have some fun. You work five days and you get two off. You work fifty weeks and you get two weeks off. On the weekend, you make room for some fun, if you have done your chores, washed the car, cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, done the laundry, and paid the bills. So, if duty’s first, it means that you don’t actually have time for fun, for doing what you love. And well, that’s life. You don’t even put the things you love on your “To Do” list. They are not important. They are not priorities. 

This has become our way of life so that most of us have our lives crimped, cramped, managed, and controlled by painful duty. And often we are committed to this duty because of the money that we need to earn to stay alive, even if we are only barely surviving. As our pocketbooks fill up, our lives get progressively emptier. Doing what thrills you must become a habit that replaces the duty ethic. You know what happens when you are doing a labor of love— you feel content and at peace. If you are tired afterward, it is a good tired that brings good and restful sleep. Work is love made tangible.