About Flashing Brilliance

Earlier this year, I celebrated my 65th birthday season by making Mother’s Day cards with my good friend Madilyn Wade. We created 25 cards each and sold all 50 cards in two days. People who saw our creations requested holiday cards. “It would be great to have 100 cards for the season of lights!”  I thought. Since Madilyn and I had barely gotten 50 made, I envisioned a circle of artists who might up the count to 100.

I put out the call and seven people responded.  Collectively we over created 150 dazzling cards—each one unique and portraying the artists’ own style. We had fun and experienced the solid feeling that comes from building community (even though one of the artists lives in Los Angeles, California.)

The cards are collectible works of art that will appreciate in value over time.  We look forward to beholding your astonishment and squeals of delight as the Flashing Brilliance cards are revealed.


The Meaning of Flashing Brilliance

In horseracing, an unproven horse will unexpectedly show great speed and a possible win. This show of potential is called flashing brilliance in racing vernacular and serves as an entry point into the conceptual framework of our art cards. Although they are small (5" x 7"), the cards are compelling works of art and as collectible as works on larger canvases. These cards will win a place in the heart of the person receiving the card, and should you decide to keep the card for yourself, you will feel like a winner.

The Artists:

Colette Belfor coined herself as a Multipotentialite: possessing a wide range of skills, interest and professional experience, including but not limited to Art & Design, Genealogy, Skincare & Aromatherapy, Science & Technology. www.cbelforsolutions.com.



As a mixed-media assemblage artist, Wilhelmina Obatola Grant uses found objects as a concrete way to interpret abstract emotional and psychological aspects of human behavior and social condition. http://www.sistaah.org/  www.sistaah.org/



Alison Hamilton is a native of Harlem with a sparkling wit. Her art focuses on the power, brilliance, beauty, and flyness of Black women.





Radiah Harper is an artist and creative concept strategist who inspires action to embrace art and social justice platform in individuals and organizations. Radiah facilitates SoulCollage(R) workshops for those interested in accessing intuition to create a deeply personal deck of cards that will help answer some of your life questions. radiahharper@gmail.com



Deborah Singletary’s mission as Vision Carriers supports people in transition and encompasses astrology, art, and ritual. Flashing Brilliance is her heart child. "The artists in the collective inspire me to flash forward."




Inez Singletary's life purpose is to explore and explain the guidance provided by the planets. She also loves the therapeutic value and fun factor of making art. Inez joins the circle from Los Angeles, California. http://www.manymoonsastrology.com/




Madilyn Wade is a Couture fashion designer specializing in high style one-of-a-kind garments for curvy women sizes for 2 to 20. Creating art cards has put me in touch with the fine artist in me!  Such a fun and rewarding experience creating alignment.



Ken Wright highly regards tools and precision, yet creates graceful and evocative stained and fused glass mosaics.He has transferred his glass and paper medium to 5" x 7" cards.http://kenwrightglass.webs.com/




The circle will convene again in March 2018
to create art cards for
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
We invite you to join us!

For information about the next circle email: Deborah@visioncarriers.com

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