Mercury Retrograde: Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Just had a scary moment. My wallet wasn’t where it should have been. Had I lost it? My heart raced. I thought of the money lost, the cards that I would have to report stolen, and the other inconveniences that would multiply. Ironic that this would happen now, in light of the fact that our beloved Mercury is going retrograde on Friday, February 6th. After all, Mercury is often blamed for mayhem. Even though Mercury is not retrograde yet, it is slowing down. Some call this the shadow period where early effects can show up . . . like perhaps my missing wallet?

““Have no fear” (or worry) is wisdom for all times. Fear and worry are essentially generated by the mind, the province of Mercury. As if their mind isn’t their own, some people assume that certain things not only warrant worry, but are impossible not to worry about. However, what we think, and the feelings thinking induces, betrays and portrays what we believe. Let me explain.

Because the mind is weightless and operates with imperceptible speed (often underneath our conscious awareness), it’s easier to assume that the mind is the master rather than taking the steps and addressing the challenge to master our thinking. So although we like to blame Mercury retrograde for the mishaps that more easily occur during this time, we are always responsible. What happens during a Mercury retrograde and how we react reveals the condition of our thinking processes.  

Losing my wallet temporarily (I’m grateful for this fairly easily manageable test) revealed my mental state—panic at first. When the wallet didn’t appear in the second logical place, I checked online banking, and since there was no activity, I figured the weird something happened right in my home. I decided to be calm. I paused and used a visualization technique I learned over 35 years ago. Even though it almost always works, I often panic first. I sat still for a moment, allowed my mind to quiet, then I got up and moved about. Standing beside my bed, I decided to look under it. There it was!

In the Mercury retrograde chart, Mercury conjuncts Neptune.  Artists and other creative people might love this. The mind easily travels beyond time and space to the Source of all, the exhaustless riches of Limitless Substance, from which we draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

Normally, I frown at the transit of Sun Square Saturn. However, in this case it reminds us to be receptive to intuition and then verify whether or not our intuition is correct. The easiest way I know to check my facts is to understand that the Voice of intuition speaks in parables and principles. For example, we might be led to mix colors that we usually think don’t go together.  Or “something” might tell us to call a friend. The Voice does not flatter or command. The Voice will not command you  to leave your job, although the Voice of intuition may bid you to embark on a new journey (even though that might ultimately mean leaving whatever makes you feel secure). The Voice will never tell you to tell someone off (a compulsion is not the same as intuition); however, the Voice will help you to discern and own your truth, and that might lead you to speak your truth with honest compassion. The Voice will never shame us or shame others.  

Plenty of rest, dream, and dawdle time is a tonic, especially during a Mercury retrograde. I have a friend who actually hallucinates when she’s talking on the phone when she’s tired. But sometimes our hallucinations aren’t so obvious. Even though I quickly found my lost wallet, I attribute its loss to my mind wandering into the realm of the unconscious. When the wallet fell (and I must have kicked it under my bed), my mind was off in la-la land—my mind’s natural reaction to too much stress.

Mercury affects the mind and its agencies, so our speaking and writing could be a tad off (especially if we are tired or overwhelmed), so I won’t take a chance and dash this one off without running it by an editor.

At this Mercury retrograde, we’re particularly vulnerable to negative suggestion. If you read or hear anything that engenders fear rather than healthy caution, sink into the sanctum of your spiritual practice: prayer, journaling, art-making. For more information read “The Art of Spiritual Practice”.

If, despite your best efforts, you lose, forget something, or make a mistake, don’t take it as proof of anything except that you are human. Shame only leads to more shame. Have a belly laugh (even if you have to fake it at first). Laughing, like drinking water, is an easily accessible and effective healing agent.

My best counsel for Mercury retrograde:

  • Slow down.
  • Look in both directions.
  • Avoid signing legal documents; however, be sure to read the fine print if you must.
  • Be extra careful when writing down information you receive verbally.
  • Avoid starting a new project.
  • Plan and systematize for the future, but avoid executing new projects.
  • Decide where you will put things such as keys, wallets, cellphones, and papers—don’t just lay them down somewhere or drop them into your purse. Make a place for everything (i.e., papers tools, money).
  • Tidy up your apartment, desks, and purse. (Clutter creates and attracts confusion.)
  • Use proofreaders and wait a day or two before posting or sending documents.
  • Give yourself 10 minutes more headway for important appointments (trains may be off schedule).
  • Contact people you haven’t been in touch with in a long time.
  • Get plenty of sleep and down time.
  • Record your waking and sleeping dreams.
  • Apologize (don’t defend) when you make an error.
  • Bone up your spiritual practice (Mercury retrograde reveals where our spiritual practice is absent or weak).
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Laugh out loud.

For more information on Mercury retrograde, read “Mind Over Matter”

3 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde: Don’t Worry. Be Happy.”

  1. Dawn says:

    Good advice.

    I was aware of Mercury Retrograde in advance without knowing. I looked it up. I had finished two stories. Then nothing.

    As you consulted, I tidied up. Well, a little. There’s no end to the clutter in my little place. And I found several of unfinished writings to be completed when my flow returns.

    Stay blessed. Peace.

  2. inez says:

    This is an excellent service, Deborah. Thank you. I especially love the bonus tutorial on the “voice”. Through Tarot I learned to associate the voice of intuition with Taurus and the Moon is in Taurus today through early Friday. That means it will be in Taurus when Mercury goes retrograde.

  3. LaRita says:

    Wonderful and right on!!! Amazing that you were able to get still and find your wallet. I wonder if the energy of retrograde was on a slow pressure cooker prior to the build up because I could feel the chaos of my world spun in space. I’m especially emotional, stressed and anxious right about this time. And this information is helping me to see through the dark of the tunnel…I appreciate so much everything that explains what and why the world feels upside down. My mother’s dementia is progressing and I’m her care taker on her visit with me, which has been since November. It has been a work in progress but it has also become easier to handle as I have learned more about this disease and what options and help is available. So before she returns home to Florida in March, I will have shared a unique experience with my mother that has helped me to grow in love, patience, and spirit. I love her so much; she’s precious and a jewel but this change has held me on edge and I’ve been sleep deprived. I’ve gone from resentment to fear to grieving …watching her go through this. I’m also recently separated from my husband; yet on the upswing some new things and people are moving in the direction of my music career that is wonderful …but what a time…what a time!!! Everything you’re saying is helping me understand that I’m not just stuck in overdrive. The energy of retrograde is in full affect, aside from the given stresses that are just part of life. I’m being stretched and tested and it has been painfully impactful but also revealing of who and where I am in this time of now. I appreciate the spiritual suggestions you give in getting to know how the voice of intuition sounds and works. This voice is always calm and clear. It is imperative that I connect with that voice much more. Today is definitely a day and time that this voice could not be more useful and necessary. Thank you for straightforwardness and your personal story of trusting intuition.