2012: Don’t Believe the Hype

It’s an honor and privilege to present Ayesha Grice as a guest journalist for “Artful Living” once again.
—Deborah Singletary

Ayesha Grice

This is the second time in nine years that I’ve been urged to look at a chart to look for disaster. The first time was in 1999, when I was asked to do a radio show to give forecasts on impending disasters that were supposed to happen when we entered into the year 2000. It seemed the host of the show had been sending out doom and gloom

messages to his listeners for months. He really wanted me to come on the air to endorse his scary rants and had his producer give me a stack of articles on the subject to read before the show. Reluctantly I read the stuff, but then did what I always do, erected a chart and then meditated for guidance. Well, there weren’t any disasters on that day, but for sure the show was a disaster because the host was, let me say, “miffed” at me for giving my honest opinion.

So thanks to the recent doom and gloom movie, 2012, with graphic images of disasters, I’m in the same position as I was in 1999. The hype must have gotten to me on some level because when I first printed out the chart, I actually started looking for planetary aspects that would spell disaster. Then I remembered what I was taught and tried to look at the chart from an objective perspective and then went into meditation to ask for guidance.

But this time the stakes are even higher. All kinds of so called prophets are calling for the end of the world. As I looked at the chart I couldn’t help wondering if I could be looking at a piece of paper that foretold the end of times.

The first thing that popped out at me from the 2012 chart was a beautiful finger of God or Yod aspect. This is an aspect that isn’t seen in all charts and some astrologers don’t use them. However, there it was—a tight sextile (60 degree angle) between Pluto at 8 degrees of Capricorn, to Saturn at 8 degrees of Scorpio. Both Pluto and Saturn were forming a 150 degree angle (quincunx) to Jupiter at 8 degrees of Gemini. We call that a finger of God, or a Yod aspect, with the apex pointing at Jupiter. The message is to use the Jupiter in Gemini energy to expand and grow in consciousness. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, joy, laughter, praise, and thankfulness. When it’s in Gemini, the sign that says “I think” or “I write” or I do two things at one time,” looks like many of us will be thanking our lucky stars that we didn’t buy into the hype. We’ll be laughing at our fears or laughing at the poor souls who were hiding under their beds waiting for the end of the world.

We can make a choice right now to decide what our intentions will be for 2012. For one thing, there are Mayans coming forward to say that just because their calendar ends that doesn’t mean that disaster is coming. One Mayan Priest said that there’s another calendar that was overlooked by scientists. What we believe is that as we move closer and closer to 2012, the world as we know it, is changing. And, in case you didn’t notice, there have been weird and wacky weather patterns throughout 2009 that are sometimes mind boggling. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, mud slides, are happening now. So as we project into 2012, some people are missing what’s going on now. I can’t even get angry with the people who created that scary movie (2012) because as we know you can only create what’s coming through you. These folks are spiritual infants whose motivation is making money. They’re making money off the mindless folks who will pay to see the movie as a means of escape. But what movie goers don’t know, because they’re spiritual babies also, is that putting those fear messages into their subconscious minds is a dangerous thing. Sitting there and passively accepting the images wrapped in Dolby sound means they’re being set up to draw negative events in their lives.

I didn’t see anything in the chart for 2012 that said the end of the world is coming. What I do know deep down inside is that we are in the midst of a transformational shift in consciousness. This is the time to get in alignment with the reasons why we chose to be living at this time. It’s time to go for it, use our creativity more fully, to love ourselves and each other unconditionally, to do what we love and love what we do. The Hopi Elders* tell us to take the word “struggle” out of our vocabulary and consciousness and to approach everything with a spirit of joy and celebration. So, get on with it and enjoy the adventure. Love & Light, Ayesha
*if you want a copy of The Hopi Elders Speak, email me at: ayeshagrice@gmail.com

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