Recently, two close friends told me they had been fired from their jobs. “Congratulations!” I said. My spiritual practice is to regard what happens to me as coming from me. Often I protest—it was him! Them! The economy! I make eloquent, rational excuses and reasons that have nothing to do with me. However, in time, I discern that although I might be unconscious about the ways I contribute to whatever situation vexing me, the power is mine.

Being fired is an out picture of something being imaged within. When we are fired, we have an opportunity to own up to that which we unconsciously secreted away and disowned out of “reasonable” fear (that is reality created by our own mental constructs.) When we own the power that got us fired as our own, we can use that power consciously to create the life we desire.

My problem was I wished I could be fired. I was stagnating in my workplace, but was afraid to take a risk, possibly fail, and not even have anyone to blame! However, once I faced my fears and my desires, I fired myself! I chose to leave by my own power. I realized that, after all, I was not on my own. I was acting on the motivating force of the creative universe seeking expression through me. Today, my life and work zings with authenticity.

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Copyright © 2006 by Deborah Singletary

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